Fractoscope HD

I haven’t had very good luck finding a fractal app that is intuitive to use and creates beautiful fractals in the vein of Photoshop plugin KPT’s FraxPlorer (my favorite). Fractoscope HD is the best so far that I’ve come across.

3 comments on “Fractoscope HD

  1. Very interesting! I loved Kai’s Power Tools back in the day for both the Fractal Explorer and Texture Explorer. Can I ask what resolution FractoscopeHD saves it’s files on the iPad? So many apps limit themselves to 1024×768 on the iPad 2. I would hope to get a higher resolution image than that. Thanks for your time!

  2. Hi Ted, unfortunately, these only rendered at 1024×768. And the strange thing, when I tried to save some just now to check and see if it’s any better, it saved a white blank jpg to my photo app. Must be some incompatibility w/the latest iOS system or something. Bummer. Of course, a screen shot would work too, but you’d think they’d have a larger render size.

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