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Flowpaper is sort of like Silk, as one paints with flowing strands of fibers. Where Silk is more delicate and whispy and you have fewer color options using an additive palette, Flowpaper gives more options of color, as well as uses a subtractive color palette (painting green over red paints green over red…it doesn’t make yellow or turn lighter with successive passes). It’s almost like casting a delicate net across the “canvas.” If you leave your finger down without much movement, Flowpaper will continue to, well, flow.

One fantastic thing it does (and I wish ALL art apps did this) is give you the ability to save your works out at 4096×4096 square! Yes, you read right. Now this is for an iPad 2, so your mileage may vary on other devices. Unfortunately, if your drawing is too complex, it will crash as it is trying to save the picture. I have not had problems with it crashing at the smaller (1024×1024) size, just the larger, print-ready size. So if you want a large work, don’t make the image too complex.


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