Forge of Neon

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Forge of Neon is probably one of the most perfect apps I’ve used. Not only does it create some incredibly cool imagery, but it lets you save snapshots as well save the images within the app itself (in the “Gallery” when you get the pro-version), enabling you to go back days, weeks, months later and open up that image right where you left off. Plus, you can also save a copy so you don’t alter your original! I think every art-related app should have that feature.

Forge of Neon is like creating on a lathe. The higher the symmetry number you use, the more it is like creating a fully solid 3D object, since the lines will be drawn closer together. If you only use 2 sides, it mirrors what you draw. You can also opt not to use any symmetry. But the higher the symmetry, the cooler it is IMHO. You have a choice of 2, 4, 8, 16, or 32 symmetry. If you use the in-app upgrade (only $2 and well worth it), you get 64 symmetry, no ads and the ability to save your image to the gallery.

You can rotate your object with your fingers and continue to draw on it. You have a choice of 8 different “brushes:” a solid circle with blurred edges, a straight line, a star, a flower, a heart, an outlined circle, a circle with 5 concentric rings, and a 12-sided pinwheel.

You have a a full hue spectrum working with additive color, so remember the more colors and strokes you use in an area, the lighter that area will become.

Tipped on its side, your creation may look like some kind of lamp or glowing undersea creature. Turned completely perpendicular, it will probably resemble a kaleidoscope or mandala. Enlarged, you will see the the detailed shapes of the brushes. If you turn on Animation, it pulsates and throbs light.

I highly recommend this app and its upgrade.


2 comments on “Forge of Neon

  1. This app is awesome!!! The colours! The brushes! The 3d art!! Just great fun if one likes to play with colours. I’m hoping these guys are working on an upgrade, cuz the app itself is so simply creative amd complex, it makes me go greedy and wish for more stunning features! I still gotta figure out how to draw circles on different level on seperate axis’

  2. I just upgraded, but when I select export image, I get an ” error occurred on save” message. Does anyone else have this problem? It lets me save the image but the export option is not working.

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