Apps We’d Like to See

I would love to see someone come out with apps like this. I am not a programmer and wouldn’t know the first thing about creating an app. But maybe someone has the ability without the ideas? I have plenty of ideas. And I can create interfaces and all the graphicky yummy goodness. Just not the code.

In no order whatsoever:

The Dingbatcave

Since this is a shameless plug for my own Dingbat Fonts, I’ll list it first. I would love to see them utilized somehow. Maybe as graphics in one of those match-3 type gemmy jewelly games. Or maybe in an art-creation app. The dingbat shapes could be brush tips you could draw with. They’re just dying to be utilized in that manner. You can buy Postscript and True Type dingbats through my store, or also through MyFonts, which also sells them as Web Fonts.
Visit The Dingbatcave.


MandleAcid interface

MandleAcid interface

Back in the good old days (1995 or so), there was a Mac-only program called MandleAcid (©1994 The Bone Factory). It had a funky interface that gave you various options of animating fractals.You could interweave two fractals together, and cycle an assortment of different gradients through them in several modes.

MandleAcid interface

MandleAcid output

It was pure fun, eye candy, tripolicious, and not very useful as far as incorporating into graphic design or serious digital art…perfect for an iPad App! It’s just screaming to be reincarnated into one.

Click the thumbnails to see the interfaces and output enlarged to really get a feeling for this whacky program.

Spheroid Designer

Spheroid Designer interface

Again, back in the ’90s, there was an awesome Photoshop Plugin Suite called “Kai’s Power Tools.” Spheroid Designer was one of the filters in the third incarnation of the suite (Kai’s Power Tools 3). It had the most unique interface and created awesome 3D-looking spheres and obloids. Unfortunately when Kai’s Power Tools came out with versions 5 and 6 (I don’t know what happened to 4), and eventually got taken over by Corel, the Spheroid Designer was not included. Also, for us Mac users, we couldn’t run Kai’s Power Tools 3 on intel-based Macs. I can still use it on an iBook G4 which can run Classic.  But it’s really awkward that way.

The whole interface is screaming for a place amongst all the cool apps. And what it is capable of making, groovy spheres, is probably more useful to graphic artists than much of anything else in appville.

Texture Explorer

Texture Explorer interface

Another KPT 3 plugin, this output wonderful patterns for use in…whatever you wanted to use them for.


Interform interface

Interform is also another filter from the KPT 3 plugin suite. I didn’t get much use out of it, but it was cool. What it did was take two textures from Texture Explorer, and blend them together and animate them. Useful? No. IPad-worthy? Absolutely!


Terrazzo's symmetries

Terrazzo's symmetries

Terrazzo interface

Terrazzo, by the seemingly defunct Xaos Tools, is another wonderful Photoshop Plug-in of yore that is no longer supported. It was beautifully simple and did what it did perfectly: Create tiles based on the 17 symmetry groups. You loaded an image, select one of the 17 options, move around the selection area, create a tile. This would be so perfect in an app. Someone please do it!

 Spirograph Deluxe

I made up that name. There are a lot of apps out there based on the Spirograph toy for kids, but this one would be spectacular. The tools would look exactly like the plastic pieces in the actual toy. You’d have millions of pen color choices. And once you complete a spirograph, you can save it to a gallery within the app. You can also do various ipad-like activities like save it to your photo album and email it as a jpeg or pdf. Then when you have enough in your gallery, you can incorporate those into a larger art piece (that’s where the “Deluxe” comes into play).

Space Fidgit

I wrote about Space Fidgits in my Fluid Automata entry, and how the fluid quality of that app reminds me of the liquid crystals inside a Space Fidgit. Except with my “Space Fidgit App”, it would actually look like a Space Fidget…an octagonal clear plastic disc with a circle of liquid crystals inside, including a mandatory air bubble.

Imaginary Applications

Gemstone Designer interface

Inspired by the outside-the-box interfaces of KPT, and in wishing for software that could create digital gemstones, I created an interface of an imaginary non-existant application back in 1997, “Gemstone Designer.” Soon after, I did another, “Ouija Diviner,” based on my interpretation of a virtual ouija board. Then, after some annoying copycats plagiarizing my site, I made up “Plagiarist Mill” as satire. I know there are ouija board apps out there, but haven’t tried any, knowing that it’s all a bit silly.

Ouija Diviner interface

I also explained the interfaces and what they do, like a real manual.  This was all on my first site that I had at GeoCities (anyone remember them?). After I got my own domains, the GeoCities sites became abandonned, not just by me but by GeoCities themselves.

Plagiarist Mill interface

Luckily, there are sites like Internet Archaeology (“to explore, recover, archive and showcase the graphic artifacts found within earlier Internet Culture”), Oocities (“to save those pages which are worthy and unique scientific sources or are of great public interest as well as those which are historically interesting…”), and ReoCities (“Here lies what we could salvage from the ashes of GeoCities”) that scooped up all the early internet history and saved it.

Take a look at the imaginary interfaces below, and then read the “help manuals.” I think they’d make great Imaginary Apps…or a real one, in the case of the Gemstone Designer.

Gemstone Designer: interface | help manual

Ouija Diviner: interface | help manual

Plagiarist Mill: interface | help manual


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