App Image Galleries

Don’t you find it inconceivable that Apple doesn’t have a separate category for visual/graphic/art related apps? I know I do! I have to look in no fewer than six categories at The App Store to search for apps that output visual images! I have apps that are classified under Entertainment, Music, Photo & Video, Games, Productivity and Education.

This is wrong on so many levels!

On my own iPad I’ve put all my apps into sub-categories, which is what I use here. I haven’t made galleries in all the categories yet, but they’ll be coming shortly. And I may redo categories, delete them, reclassify them or whatever I see fit in the days to come.

Art Toys: More playful and not exactly geared toward serious output or usable imagery.

Automatic: Generates art on its own without much manual input from the user.

Fluid: Imitates the dynamics of fluid when the screen is touched.

Fractal: Utilizes complex computations to create fractal or fractal flame-based imagery.

Geometry: Explores geometric structures and space more from a science perspective rather than an artist’s.

Kaleidoscopic: As it says!

Others’ Art: Outputs images that are stylistically more identifiable with other artists rather than the user artist.

Paint: Offers either traditional digital brushes and painting/drawing media, or non-traditional shapes that serve as brushes, to create an image.

Particle: Use the iPad’s touch screen to generate “particles”, either individual pixels, strands or shapes, upon touching the screen.

Photography: Takes existing photos and alters them with filters or special effects.

Spirogaph: Creates line images with repetitive and offset circles and rounded-corner polygons.

There are obviously going to be overlaps where some apps might fit into one or more categories. And I’m ok with that.


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