App Links

Links to the App Developers’ Websites are listed in the right hand column further down the page. Go take a look at their websites and maybe you’ll find other apps as well.

If I don’t list a website for a certain app, it is because I couldn’t find one. I try really hard to locate the creative minds behind the code, but if a link is broken or a site has vanished or is unreachable, I’ve done all I could. Sorry.

I do not link directly to Apple’s iTunes website. Here’s the deal: I applied to be an affiliate with iTunes, once with this site and once with my graphics site. I was rejected both times. Reason given was ambiguous. So if Apple doesn’t want any referral business coming from me (after being a loyal user since 1985 and a loyal customer since 1995), I won’t send them any. Sour grapes? Yes, yes it is. I have no problem admitting that. Instead, I’ll direct those interested to go to the developers’ own sites, and then let the developers reap any referral money they can from their own links to iTunes.


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