Glitter Kaleidoscope

The name Glitter Kaleidoscope might sound a bit silly, but this is my favorite Kaleidoscopic app! Unfortunately, part of its charm is what makes it a bit hard to capture in still screen grabs. It literally is like watching a kaleidoscope filled with glitter.

Glitter Kaleidoscope comes with about a dozen different styles, but the best one is the glitter mode. Set against black, it’s like watching mutating glittering symmetry shimmer across the screen.

Each style can be viewed as either full-screen tiling wallpaper, or as a radial single image. You can “twist” two fingers to increase or decrease the number of facets. You can also adjust some other parameters, and when shaken, the colors change. One neat effect is viewing certain kaleidoscopes the way one would view a “Magic Eye” picture, and it takes you into a meditative world of 3D.

I could literally spend hours on this one!


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