Created with Line Art

Midnight HD Video

Created with the particle app, Midnight HD.”

Ghostbomb Video

Recording of Ghostbomb made with the mirroring app, Reflection.

Fluidity Video

This video is made with the Airplay mirroring app, “Reflection.” Reflection allows you to mirror your iPad or iPhone screen on your computer. Although not all iOS apps will allow mirroring, fortunately Fluidity does, so here’s a little sample of it’s lovely flowing artistry. It’s fairly easy to create screen snapshots of Fluidity, but it’s still best viewed in motion, IMHO.

created with Fluidity

App-y Fourth of July!

Created with I Heart Fireworks, recorded with Reflections (mirroring app for Mac and Windows)

Post-Traumatic Maelstrom

Created with Line Art

Innocently Smoldering

Created with Fluidity


Created with Gravilocity

Nuclear Autumn

Created with Forge of Neon

Ephemeral Structure

Created with Ghostbomb